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Leisure massage chair Product model
Functional features
  Foldable Massage Chair simulates the Chinese traditional massage skills with two groups of
neck kneading settings, also combined with modern high technology vibrating wave, can re-
duce fatigue and prevent disease. According to personal likes and different massage deman-
ds, users can set personalized programs by changing the massage rhythm, the position and t-
he strength.The reclining angles can be adjusted by changing the connection of armrest hoo-
ks with the 4-Hole Angle Adjust Panel. 
    The product has the magnetic force massage function, which can promote the blood circulat-
ion, unblock the channels, adjust the nervous system, eliminate the muscle fatigue of back &
waist, especially for alleviating the chronic strain of lumbar muscle. It is good used for neck ,
back and buttock massage.Its fashion design and easy storage can be a practical and active
choice for home modern massage products.