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We suggest you to clean and Maintenance massage products at regular intervals,it will prolong the massage products service life,to provide lasting massage health care services for you and provide you a healthier lifestyle.

Massage  chair clean and Maintenance

Massage sofa clean
and Maintenance
Foot massager clean and Maintenance

1.Before clean,please check the power is off,the power plug pulls out.
2.Please clean as below:①Pillow  ②Back pad  ③Backrest leather sheath  ④cushion leather sheath  ⑤Calf frame part
3.The cleaning methods of different part
(1) the main body and fabric clean: can use wet cloth of neutral detergent diluent to clean thoroughly, then wipe the cleansers with dry cloth .
(2) controller: please directly wipe with dry cloth , wet cloth may cause controller into mechanical stoppage
(3) leather sleeve: a. use daily clean soft dry cloth; B. every two to three months, use of dipping with leather cleaner cloth to make it polish, then completely dry in the air and use dry clean cloth to wipe.
(4)Armrest and back cover parts: a. please use soft cloth soaked in neutral detergent diluted, then wrest the cloth ; B. use dry cloth to wipe  dust, and finally  please use a spotless and clean dry cloth to wipe
4.after clean,please use natural drying metheod.Should not use ironing or other ways to let it dry fastly.

1.please check the power is off,the power plug pulls out.
2.Wipe the dust and dirt on the massage chair,keep it clean,please do not place it underthe sunshine ,never close to heater and wet place.
3.If  the massage chair not be  used for a long time,please use dust cover for it ,other wise it will be with a lot dust.

Current Maintenance tips
1.When massage chair sticky with blot,pls wipe first wipe with netural detergent diluent

wet cloth ,second use wet cloth to wipe the detergent,then use the dry cloth to wipe and

 let it natural dry
2.Prolong massage chair operation life:You had better stop the massage chair for

15minutes to ensure prolonging massage chair life after 30minuted used
3.Afeter use,please reset the backrest and foot rest
4.Pls handle with care of the footrest frame,do not heavy load ,sit ,step.